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MAP sensor vs ITB's ?

Esa Pasanen

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I'm gonna be using S50B30 ITB's on my M54B30. It has a vacuum manifold for the brakebooster but using that isn't going to work? Because of the fluctuations in the vacuum.

Where should I place the Map or just forget it and use Tps for load?
Does anyone have the same kind of setup? What's your answer to this problem?

Someone had posted the subject before> http://www.linkecu.com/forums/engine-tuning/280172659?b_start=0#927121485

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Why are you going with the itb's? The m54 performs worse with them unless you do some serious headwork :(

Do you have CAM sync working ? I was Talking to someone before WHO managed to get it working but I can't get it to sync :(

as for the itbs vacuum you'd need a vacuum channel post tb connecting every runner , if this vacuum manifold for the BB does this then that is a good place for the map.

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