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Lancer Evolution 6 Misfire symptoms when driving on the road


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This is a VVT engine setting with a Lancer Evolution 9 head mounted on the Lancer Evolution 6 4G63 engine.

When driving on the road, a limiter-like problem occurs between 3500 and 5000 rpm.

There were no symptoms even with the Dynapack, and there were no symptoms even when lifted into the air.

The symptoms only occur when driving on the road.

Does anyone have any idea of a possible cause?

I will post the log. Help me.

PCデータログ - 2024-05-6 11;14;13 am.llgx

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I dont see any obvious causes in the log.  I think a lambda sensor and fuel pressure sensor would be very useful additions to help you diagnose.  

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As I thought
I'm really worried because the symptoms don't occur even when I float it in the air or when I run it on a DYNAC, but only when I drive it on the road.

I didn't look at the fuel pressure at that time, but the air-fuel ratio was fine.

When the symptoms occurred while driving on the road, the air/fuel ratio would become unstable and I could not see it at all.

I thought it was the crank angle sensor, but even when I replaced it with a new one, it didn't work, and even after I replaced the coil with a new one, there was no change.

Is there anything you can think of?

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The ECU sees no difference whether it is driving on the dyno or on the road, so I would suspect the issue would most likely be related to motion or vibration. Fuel surge, a loose connection or similar.  

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