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Knocklink on Rnn14 Pulsar GTI-R?

Sergei Andre

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Hi is here some people who use the knocklink g4 light with bosch sensor ?

I need to know where you placed the sensor  without touching original sensor location point ? Is this poissible or i need to drop off the original knock sensor and replace this to knocklink bosch sensor and disconnect the original sensor wire signal to ecu but then i wont be safe and not retard my ign. timing to safe engine ?

Waiting for answers !


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Hi Sergei,

I would recommend leaving your original knock sensor and wiring unchanged.

For your bosch sensor the ideal location is somewhere solidly mounted on the engine block at a location that is central to all cylinders.

For example on an I-6 engine you would want the sensor mounted on the block between cylinders 3 and 4.

Sometimes it is hard to get the perfect place, and some compromise may need to be made.



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