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Siemens Deka Mototron 875cc injectors 110324 FI114992

Markus Svensson

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Good morning Markus,

The information on the Siemens injectors listed in the PCLink software can be found under PCLink help > G4 ECU Tuning Functions > Fuel > Injector Setup > Injector Information. I do not know if your injectors are the same, but as the numbers are different, suspect they are not.

It is worth searching the internet to try and find the correct information. Maybe someone will have the information and post a link to it.



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Found this on a Haltech forum :

Dead Time (ms) Volts (V)

1.777ms - 8.00V

1.744ms - 8.30V

1.695ms - 8.50V

1.614ms - 8.80V

1.532ms - 9.00V

1.471ms - 9.30V

1.410ms - 9.50V

1.349ms - 9.80V

1.288ms - 10.00V

1.252ms - 10.30V

1.215ms - 10.50V

1.178ms - 10.80V

1.142ms - 11.00V

1.111ms - 11.30V

1.080ms - 11.50V

1.048ms - 11.80V

1.017ms - 12.00V

0.988ms - 12.30V

0.960ms - 12.50V

0.932ms - 12.80V

0.903ms - 13.00V

0.878ms - 13.30V

0.826ms - 13.80V

0.801ms - 14.00V

0.781ms - 14.30V

0.761ms - 14.50V

0.741ms - 14.80V

0.721ms - 15.00V

0.701ms - 15.30V

0.681ms - 15.50V

0.661ms - 15.80V

0.641ms - 16.00V

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Do I have to contact Siemens directly to get these numbers...

Hi Hans,

For many injectors detailed specs (like short pulse width tables) are not supplied from the factory. This includes bosch, siemens deka, etc. Companies like Injector Dynamics usually do testing to generate the detailed data for the injectors.  It is a good idea to contact siemens direct. If they do reply with detailed specs please post them to this thread.

Edited by Scott
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