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LemG3 on 3-cylinder

Michael Dolan

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Hello, I have a new LemG3 ecu and am planning to use it on a 3-cylinder motorcycle engine. Firing order is 1-3-2, crankshaft phasing is an equal 120 degrees. So in terms of sequential firing the engine it can be expressed as follows: cyl 1 0° cyl 2 480° cyl 3 240 I wish to fire the ignition fully sequentially so how do I trigger. As the engine fires like a V-6 it would seem normal to use a 36-1 wheel, is this ok or would I have to use a cam sensor also. As I have no maps loaded up yet might it be best to get the G4 firmware upgrade done now. Can this be done online? there is no main Link importer in my country (Ireland) and I don't really want to post the unit.

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Hi Michael.

Easy answer really is if it's going to be sequential, it will need a cam driven sensor.  Alternatively, you could give it a second crank trigger and just tell the ECU where it's located.  This way the ECU will treat it as if it was running at half speed.  Fact of the matter, you will still need Trig1 and Trig2 operational.

We have our master distributor in the UK, contact them to purchase the upgrade:

Thor Racing

[email protected]

Tel: +44 1676 535 888

It can all be done by yourself, as it comes with instructions.  It's not your usual upgrade though, so you will have to follow it to the letter.  Not so bad for you as there will not be a map to jam back in to it.  You just supply them with your serial number, and they will provide you with the code to upgrade it.


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