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Michael Kuch

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Hi, I have obtained a ECU which is fitted inside a subaru ecu box and the chip is labelled RSROADQ, large grey plug with 4 plugs for the vehicle loom Can this be reprogrammed via a laptop? and where can i get the cables / software for this? or even a cable schematic? I fitted it to my Liberty RS turbo engine and it runs excellent as i was told it came from a liberty turbo with mild adjustments on stock engine However it runs very rich and wish to have a look at the maps Michael

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Hi Michael.

Yes this unit is PC tuneable, you will just require the 'SerialLink' adapter box to plug in to it.  Is has the ribbon cable to plug in between the ECU and the SerialLink adapter, and from the adapter you need to supply just a standard male to female D9 serial extention cable, which then plugs in to your serial port on the laptop.  Please be aware the serial cable is NOT a null modem cable... Just straight extension.

For pricing on the SerialLink, please contact [email protected].



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