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Cold start after DBW upgrade


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Hi there . I have just upgraded to DBW on my VR4Link G4+ ecu . I had the ecu modified by LINK NZ. The was starting great on the old cable setup . I zeroed out all the necessary tables to set up the base warm idle. It did take a bit to start car on first try ( took 3-4 cycles of the key and it would just idle. I warmed car and did the base idle in open loop , I have just switched to closed loop as I was waiting for some time to do some logging of cold start . 

It is very hard to start that first time from temps of 10 deg C to 20 deg C . Once it does start I can turn off and it restarts fine. 


I was hoping someone could have a look at my log and file to see where I improve this. I thought as the old system was working great on cold start the fuel enrinchment would be fine.  


Car is a 1990 VR4 - Subaru Imprezza pedal - Bosch 74mm throttle body - 2200cc Bosch injectors on E85 - Can Lambda 


Any help would be appriciated



monday8724.pclr (dropbox.com)

cold start.llg (dropbox.com)

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I have tried adding extra in start up table , but Im starting to suspect that the throttle is opening more than my old setup so it may need more fuel in those areas. Im seeing 6-8% tps on startup. 

I have a base of 3% and 1.5% in start up table with 1% in the base idle at 10-20 deg C


I have tried to add my files again   





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