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Help setting up GM 3 Bar Map sensor


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Hello, I am having a problem getting my map sensor to work. I have verified that it is wired correctly and the atomx is able to see the correct voltage input on AN Volt1. I can not get my map sensor to calibrate though, no matter what calibration settings I have tried. It always seems to output the error value and not the value that it should be base on the calibration.

I have tried the built in GM 3 bar calibration, the Link 3 bar calibration, and also setting up custom calibration maps based on the values for the sensor. It is showing a reading of 1.48v which should be ~96 kpa based on the calibration, but it still gives me the < or > from baro sensor error. Any input would be greatly appreciated!



4age base map new.pclx PC Datalog - 2024-07-8 7;18;29 pm.llgx

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