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Wideband issue (Aem)

Anders Reineborg

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Well i'm having trouble to get the measuring right in the Ecu

I have Aem failsafe wideband 30-4900

And i'm a little confused of wich wire i should use from the Aem also

White cable says AFR analog output +

Brown wire says Ground analog output -


And the calibration is linear so i use caltable 5

0,5volt = 0,58lambda
4,5volt = 1,23lambda

When i use this calibration the gauge in the ems is way off.. Aem gauge reads 12afr and in the ems 18-22afr

I installed a friends Aem 30-4100 and setup it cal to

0volt = 0,66lambda

5volt = 1,37lambda 

with this gauge and cal it show correctly.


But it would be nice if i could use my own wideband instead of my friends

Do you have any suggestions what to do, or shall i sell it, if it perhaps it is not compatible with link?

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The ground (brown) should be connected to the sensor ground from the ECU

The White will be to the AN volt input of the ECU.

You will need to confirm the scaling is correct by check the voltages at the ECU.

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