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Brett West

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Interpolation seems disjointed (Too many key strokes) Could it be able to simply highlight an are of the map, and interpolate between the extremeties. eg not just one horizontal or vertical line but any variation of this or a group of cells vertically and horizontally? Works well on other systems that are far less able and less viable than the Link systems.

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   At the moment there are two interpolation options, horizontal and vertical.  So, to interpolate a block with the keyboard you would type:

  1. Hold down shift and use arrow keys to select a block.
  2. Press Ctrl+t
  3. Press S (for selection change)
  4. Press I once or twice for horizontal and vertical interpolation of all rows and columns in the block.

   So what you are suggesting is if you select a block of cells that it will fill in the numbers in the middle based on the ones round the edges?  So basically a curve fit type interpolate?  Can you give me some examples of other systems that do this so I can have a look?

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