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PC Link on Mac

Dora Wieland

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tanks for your answer.

They are NOT running PC Link on Mac.

They´re running PCLink in a native (Bootcamp) Windows or through a virtual Windows Machine (virtualbox, vmware, whatever)

Thats the way I do it at the moment. It works, but not fine.

Another way could be a Iphone Version. Have you already think about that?

There are OBD2 to Wifi converters out there, or build a usb -> wifi controller on your own. That would be very great.

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You´re right Brian, firmware features are nice.

But not if PCLink runs on an OS (Win) that is a total piece of sh*t (sorry for that) that makes only problems.

Even with a dedicated win7 / PClink Netbook I got problems...

and yes, I´m an informatics, I know what I´m talking about, thats why I still want a _native_ version for OSX or Linux or Unix.

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1 minute ago, GTO Assassin said:

I have a 2020 MacBook Pro.... Before the M1 came out....

if you get parallels it will work flawlessly :D I unfortunately upgraded to an M1 and will be waiting for a while I'm sure

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