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gen3 mr2 3sge

matthew smith1436215442

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You're referring to the 175HP model from 94+? You can't use the stock knock sensor with a storm, you'll have to buy external knock sensing equipment. Regarding wideband: I'd suggest you drop the stock narrowband sensor and use the wideband closed loop algorithm of the storm instead. With larger cams it's sometimes useful to have your engine run at 13.2:1 AFR in idle and low load mode, and the narrowband sensor cannot accommodate for slight AFR deviations, whereas the wideband sensor can... so you can run closed loop without having to run stoich.

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The Link has two different settings for closed loop lambda, stoich and auto. As far as I figured out in stoich mode the link expects a voltage jump around 14.7:1 AFR e. g. a generic narrowband sensor, whereas in auto mode a linear voltage is used and any AFR can be held via closed loop compensation. Which brand of Wideband sensor do you use? Some of them (like the innovate LC-1) can be configured to simulate narrowband behaviour at any desired afr...

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