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old suzuki gsxr trigger wheel

Andrey Nickolov

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Hi there!

I trying to 'link-ed' an old GSXR 750. I've checked trigger options of link G4 and there is only automotive trigger's. My plan is to use original trigger wheel...something like that. It's with VR sensor.



So is there (from automotive triggers) which looks like this...or I should cut new one (24-1 ..etc)



P.S. I want initially to run the bike in wasted spark mode and non-sequntional fuel delivery as far as I don't have cam position sensor.

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Dropping the coms while cranking could be due to a drop in the ECU supply voltage. The dropping coms at high rpm is more likely to be due to electrical noise from the coils / ignition.

Resistive plugs and leads are the first starting point.



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And  more


1. Which is best way to tune ITB with inconstant MAP readings?

Make Fuel&Ignition tables to TPS/RPM and make Virtual Aux with condition MAP>100kPa and enter MAP/RPM correction tables?


2. It seems that G4 have not Ignition Idle correction like G4+

Can I make something similar:

Virtual Aux with 3 conditions


and to enter correction Ignition table RPM from 500 to 1500, where 0 correction is by 1200rpm




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Best bet will be to use TPS for the main fuel and ignition table and then use a 4D MAP based overlay to trim as required 

Also if you use the AFR target table overlay and have it spanned off MAP.


The G4 has idle ignition control. Make sure you are on the most recent firmware.


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