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Light to show launch control active


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Is there someway to make the CE light turn on when launch control is active?

I've got launch control set to arm when the clutch has been pushed in for 3 seconds, and with out giving it a test rev I can't tell if it's armed properly or not.

I was thinking of setting the CE light aux output as a GP output with an OR condition on either a virtual CE light being active or the launch control being active, but it's not possible to select Launch Control active state as an input.

Any ideas how to do this?

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Hi Alex,

You're correct that there is no launch control condition on the GP outputs. Recently we had a request to add this, and so it will likely to be included in the next G4+ firmware release.

One thing you could do would be to setup a GP output with a condition of Clutch (DI) active AND timer 1 greater than 3 seconds.

This would use the same conditions as your launch control, so may be usable.


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