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Non start after fitting cop ignition

stuart bell

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I have fitted coil on plug ignition to my gt4 celica with 3sgte engine , now it won't fire .

Using 1zz ignition coils and cherry hall crank & cam sensors . 12 tooth wheel on crank , 1 missing on cam .

Problems i'm having are , engine won't fire and no spark while cranking , but it does fire when the key as released .

In run time i'm seing trig 1signal all the time even when not cranking , trig 2 signal comes in when cranking , eccs syn no all the time (what is eccs ?) and finally , trig 1 error count  = 2 .

Ignition settings ar as follws..

Ignition mode = direct spark

Spark edge = falling

Dwell = ms

ignition delay =80 us

max advance 45 degrees


Trigger settings

Trigger mode = multi tooth

Trigger 1 priority = trig 1

Trigger 1 type = hall

Trigger 1 pull up = on

Trig 1 edge = rising

Multi tooth position = crank

Tooth count = 12

Trigger 2 type = hall

Trigger 2 filtering = level 1

Trigger 2 pull up = on

Trig edge = rising

Sync mode = cam pulse 1

The next bit is a concern as i'm not sure if it's user error or what . When i go in to calibrate it shows the following .

Trigger offset = 0 degrees

Ref timing = 15 degrees

Then set base timing.

When i open 'set base timing ' and attempt to change the settings nothing happens , as in i can put in my trigger offset and ref timing but nothing changes . Does the engine need to be running before i can alter these ?

I' pretty sure i have the trigger wheels set up correctly , but if someone could confirm the correct settings for these it would be appreciated .


Regards Stu

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Hi Stu,

I just want to confirm a few things about your setup.

Trigger 1 is connected to a 12 tooth wheel / sensor on the crankshaft?

Trigger 2 is connected a hall sensor that run off the cam?

What do you mean by '1 missing on cam'?

ECCS is used by nissan trigger setups. It will not have any effect for your setup.

If you can attach your actual base-map we can have a look for you also.


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 Hi , yes that is correct . Both cam & crank sensor are hall sensors .

Cam wheel has one cut out in it rather than actual teeth .

Going to re check wiring to crank sensor the came supplied with the kit i bought as i've just found out i's from a different manufacturer to the cam sensor .




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