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G4 Link ECU Help Please


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This would indicate the Di that is expecting to see 12V at key on is not getting 12V.

Check which Di has been assigned to ignition switch and check it is configured correctly and the signal to it is correct.

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Hi Jono,

Firstly what model EVO is it actually.

Secondly, please check the setting of what type of Air Inlet Temp sensor you are using as it is reading -40 deg c while the ECT reads 40 deg c.

Thirdly , what actually happens, do you just get the error or does the car actually shut down on you.



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Hi Dave.

Dave to the rescue as always :) .

So the IAT sensor, I have no idea what type it is but how ever I've taking a quick photo of it and have attached it to this message. You'll probably know what type it is.

Last, the car does shut down on me but in a mysteries weird kind of way. Like for instants, ill be driving around for a whole day on a long trip no problems. The next day up the road and back no problems. The same day start it up, go to the top of my driveway and the car stops? I don't get it. Wouldn't start up just keeps winding, so left it for about 5mins, started it and away she goes. Hooked it up to the PC and didn't find any errors but the ''ECU Hold Active: The Engine has been shut down'' one that I have always had??? Any ideas??? Someone told me it could be a ignition problem but I've replaced the ignition switch with a new one so I'm stumped if I know what's wrong here.



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