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OBD 2 system with LINK G4 Storm 'n extreme

Juho Parssinen

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In Finland we have sort of vehicle inspection were is checked up also OBD system also. There must be no fault codes like lambda and triggers etc.. Shortly obd port must be empty of fault codes wich can be lighten up engine failure lamp.

This kind of system is also in sweden and in few other countries too.

Can link operate 'OBD' buss via CAN?  If it is possible, please give me some information...

I can look up what kind of information original obd gives out by a tester and volt meter and then the problem is get out similar signals from LINK.

This system will help a lot of inspections and also will give more sales.

Any idea how original fuel consumption  meters and 'drivingconmputers' are working?

Idea is to install extreme to vauxhall astra z20LEH by using E85 like a flexfuel system, and also get origal system working.

Yes I know this is not plug'n play version of installation..

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Hi Juho,

Currently we have some other customers who are facing the same issues as yourself. The information that gets supplied to the OBD port varies a lot from manufacturer and there are at least 5 protocols in common use. Currently we do not offer a solution, but hope to in the future.



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Hi Juho,

When a vehicle was manufactured 2006 or later is is required to use the CAN bus for OBD diagnostics.

The communication protocol for this standardized by ISO 15765.

ISO 15765 involves requests for information and responses, this is something you can not configure in our ECUs.

We are working on a solution that acts as an interface between our ECUs and an OBD compliant scan tool.

Unfortunately I can't give you a date on when this will be ready.



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