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Cam angle test/trigger offset 2jz vvti


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My 2jz vvti is having some strange values in both cam angle test and trigger offset.

The values for 1jz vvti states 200 degrees trigger offset, i have -170. When it is at 200 the cams are 180 degrees off.

On -170 the engine runs fine, even though the timing light shows some trigger wandering when rpm increases.

On the cam angle test the values are strange too. the 1 tooth shifts between 700+- to 10+- at idle, 2 tooth 280+- and 3rd tooth 450+-  When cam angle offset is 170 atdc as stated in the 1jz help file i get sync errors on the runtime value.... I set it to 280 and the error goes away. Then everything  seems fine, engine runs fine.... But how can it be that crank trigger value is 360 degrees off and cam offset 110 degrees off??

Am i missing something or should everything be fine with this setup?

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I have this same problem!
Did you ever solve it?

My trigger offset is -161 degrees (0btdc reference) and cam offset 170 atdc.
It starts and runs, but VVTi is giving cam sync error.
Crack and cam marks line up perfectly to 0.

I though I have wired cam sensor in wrong, but I've double checked that already.

My engine is 2JZ-GE VVTi out of GS300.

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Hi Matius,

Normally for the cam offset you do the cam angle test and use the lowest value returned that is greater than zero. However in some situations the value that works ends up being the highest number returned from the cam angle test. I would suggest trying this.


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Thanks Scott!

However, wiring issues caused my weird timing offset.

Somehow I had read cam and crank wiring schematic the wrong way :(

So my angle sensor offset was 360 degrees wrong because sensor polarity was f'd. So ecu was firing at rising angle.

Now that I have fixed my wiring, timing offset is 204 degrees and cam offset is 170 degrees. Running strong!

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