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Looking for a Handheld Tunning Module for LEM

Onie Asunion

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Hi Guys, As the title says, I need a handheld tunning module for my bnew LEM. I can't possibly purchase a pc-link since my LEM is a 1st gen that is only compatible with the tunning module. If you're wondering why i still have an unused LEM, here's the reason why. I bought my LEM 8-9yrs ago, i can remember anymore. After a few months i moved to another city and settled until now. But due to this event i misplaced my tunning module and ever since then my LEM is just at my storage room. But i recently bought an evo3 and planning to use my LEM since the previous owner of my evo3 fryed ecu due to faulty wiring. So if any of you guys have a tunning module that you're not using please shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks for the space. Onie

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