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resitors for low impedance injectors

mark brown

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hi, i have just had a read through the manual for my lemg3 wire in ecu and on page 35 it says... if the injector impedance is less than 2 ohms, use 2r2(2.2 ohm) ballast if the injector impedance is between 2 and 6 ohms, use 4r7(4.7 Ohm) ballast if the injector impedance is greater than 6 Ohms, use no ballast. in theory you need to get the resistance above 6 ohms to not burn out the injector drives (transistors) but i have 444cc injectors from a r32 gtr and the impedance is 1.5 ohms, so according to the manual i have to run 2r2(2.2 ohm) ballast therefore 3.7 overall. is there a mistake in the manual or have i just got a miss understanding. also using 10w resistors from www.jaycar.co.nz will they be fine? thanks, Mark

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Hi Mark

Ballasting is to control the current.

High impedance injectors do not require the current to open them that low impedance ones do.

As a rule of thumb the lower the impedance of an injector the more current require to open them.

Hence a lower ballast value for injectors under 2ohms.

For ballast resistors on 1.5 ohm injectors you will need 50 Watt 2r2s

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