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Mazda BPT wont start

Darryn Green

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Iv got a 1840cc turbo BPT mazda engine and a V14 linkplus to run it, its supposed to have a base map in it for this engine according to the guy i brought it off, when i got it it was set up for group injection but i rewired it for sequentual injection as its in a rally car and i want to run antilag on mode 1, the engine cranks over but wont start, iv done alot of checking and have narrowed it down there being a problem with the trig 2 signal, when i crank the engine the sync/cyl error counts up, iv checked the dizzy, the trig 1 signal puts out 5 volts, the trig 2 signal only puts out 0.4 volts, could this be the problem? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks Darryn

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Out of both signals you should see a 0-5 volt square wave when the engine is cranking.  Also check that you trigger mode is set to MX5.

You can run a max of 22psi of boost on the internal map sensor.

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