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Atom, Storm, or Extreme?


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Trying to decide on which ECU for my 86 Porsche 944 turbo.  I've read the features, but am having a difficult time understanding the practical differences between the 3 ECU's.   Is there a chart somewhere that compares the differences? 

Does the extreme have knockblock built in?  Is there a difference in terms of cockpit adjustable maps?  For those of you with knockblock on turbo cars, do you think it was worth it? 

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Maybe I'll try more specific questions...



1. So all 3 ECU's have the same onboard MAP sensor, which reads up to 1.5 bar (about 21psi boost)?

2. Only the Extreme can switch between low and high impedance injectors via software?

3. Can you switch between boost setttings on the fly from the cockpit with all three ECU's?

4. Is the Knock Block better than the knock control built into the Extreme?

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Tom, don't know why this hasn't been picked up by link tech. I'll try to answer to the best of my knoledge.


1. The extreme has an external map sensor. It can be purchased with either a 2.5bar or 5 bar map sensor. The storm has a 4 bar internal (early ones had a 2.5) and the atom a 2.5 bar.

2. The extreme silver case can. The extreme red case can't.

3. I run dual maps in my offroader, one spring pressure, one boost control... however I must admit that I've never switched on the fly, although I suspect it'll do so without issue.

4. I think this one is application dependant. I can't run knock because the sensors are either often confused by rocks hitting the block or they die in short order in the extreme environment my car runs in. However I believe the knockblock to be far superior to knock detection included in any of the EUC's. Do you need it? I suspect not.

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By the way there is a pinout comparison in the manuals.
Start by trying to generate a pinout of your requirements. By venturing over the specs of one ECU you'll venture into the specs of the next. I suspect that the Storm is what you'll require, however if you have a very technical installation and wish to log temps/pressures left and right the Xtreme may be the way to go.

I own a Storm on a Celica ST185 Rally car, an Xtreme on my Cosworth V6 twin turbo offroader. Both are very well suited to thier task and I've pushed the boundaries of both with extremely technical installations.

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