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G2 boost solenoid activation

Trond Retterholt

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Just dyno'd the engine and found that I was boosting on 1.2 bar.

I would like to install a 0,7 bar wastegate spring and adjust boost electronic by ecu and the installed mac solenoid.

How do I build the boost table to make this work?

I'm thinking that I will activate boost mode to "open loop" and Load index at "Boost adjust"

Then I'm not sure how to set table to reach 1 bar.

Is is possible to have a switch inside the car that activated this table/solenoid to be in use and deactivate when want to run 0,7 bar all over?

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I would suggest starting with 5% in the table and then work up from there. The Boost adjust option is if you are running a trim pot to allow cabin adjustable boost. As a starting point have a look at some of our base maps. The V7 Subaru one would be a good example. It has boost scaled off TPS. The Help file is a very good point of reference also. Simplest way to get 0.7bar would be to switch the solenoid off.

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Simon, I ended up with value 37 in boost table.

I would like to switch between 1 bar and 0.7 by switching the solenoid off.

I assume I just cut 12 v power to solenoid by a dip switch.  I have the solenoid connectet to aux output 4, which is port 19 on G2 unit (orange/yellow cable).

Is this the cable that controls the boost solenod and the cable I connect the dip switch too ?

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