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Link G4 R33 GTR

Alex Newman

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Hi everyone.

I have been looking at getting a Link ECU for my R33 GTR for a while now but i keep on reading things that are putting me off.

Nothing to do with how good the ECU is, everyone sings its praises. What I am worried about is, will i need to fit anything else to the car to get it working?

e.g. a different CAS? Some people are saying you do some say you don't?

Also a few people have said you need different coilpacks is that true? Or will the splitfires i have in it currently be fine?

Also, my car is a street car, what would be the best ECU to go for, the Plugin or Extreme? It will be running a single turbo @600bhp



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Hi Alex.

Both Link ECU's will work great. The plug n play will be quicker to fit but not have as man configurable out puts as the Extreme. They will both work fine with the factory CAS and splitfire coils one thing you will have to do is change the internal map to an external map if you want to run over 22psi.


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