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How to 7 what needed to connect a linkEMS to PC

Janne Hahling

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Hey guys.. so i am a newby i need to know from the start. i jsut got a VR4 galant with a linkPLUS ems init. i want to connect it to my laptop and keep an eye on everything and possibly help it along. is this possible, if so how. what cable do i need? and do i need an older laptop like other EMS's. etc please don't hesitate to email me with instructions etc. on [email protected] thanks janne

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You can use any laptop.

You will need to buy a SerialLink.  That will give the ECU a serial port.  If your laptop has a serial port then plug it into that and go.

If the laptop has only USB, then you will need to get a USB-serial adpater from a computer store.  That effictively gives your laptop a serial port.

Download PCLink V2.5 (NOT V3.3) from the website and you will be ready to go.

Is your ECU a LinkPlus?  To do PC tuning it should have the numbers V4, V5, V10 or V14 on or inside it...

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