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Thinking of upgrading to G4 from G3

Antony King

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I understand the plugs are different and so I will have to chop off the old plug and rewire the new one. Can I use any of my tune information from the G3 in the G4... is there a conversion from one to the other? I want to setup up 4 wheel sensors to run full traction control... can this be done on the G4 Storm? or do I have to get the Extreme My setup is is N/A 2.0 injected twincam with halleffect distributor and reluctor quite basic. Antony

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Hi Anthony

Yes you will have to chop of the plug and re pin the harness to suit the G4

The tunes can be copied over using the copy paste functions

The storm can do 4 wheel speeds but that will be tying up all available digital inputs  another  way would be to use a converter that takes  4 inputs and sends out 2  or use the extreme which has 10 digital inputs



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