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Possum Link Knock Control

Corran Kain

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I have a 4 plug possum link in my 91 legacy.

I am having problems with high knock above 5200rpm. Between 60-90.

Up until 5200rpm knock level is between 10-30. 

My sensitivity is set at 50 before it starts pulling timing.

My car is running 14psi of boost and my lambda is .80 with 11 degrees of advance under full boost.

Is my knock sensitivity set to low or do I have knock issues in the higher rpm?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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It could just be excessive engine noise at the high RPM it could also be knock.

Only way to tell will be to get it check with a knock audio device or equivalent.

Generally knock will be a sharp increase in noise, where as engine noise will ramp up gradually with engine speed.

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