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initial start up

jason lebreton

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You should not join your ignition wires together on a LinkPLus G3.  If you have a four coil engine then refer to the diagram labelled "WRX/RS Four Coil - LinkPlus".  The coils are wired in the firing order but not necessarily with ig 1 - cyl1.  Refer to the manual about this.  Wire your injectors exactly the same as the ignition.  Until you get it running, don't worry about the wiring of your injectors as it will not stop the engine from starting.  Check in PCLink that the "Sync/Cyl Err" is not counting up while the engine is cranking and that a stable RPM value is shown.  You will need to make sure your ECU has the correct sub-board fitted for your engines triggering.  Does it have the same crank angle sensor arrangement as a V1-6 Subaru or V7-9?

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To be honest I am out of ideas for you to try.  Those diagrams I sent have been used for years now to wire those ECU's to Subaru's so there are no mistakes there.  Wire it how the diagram says and it should be OK.  IF not, start doing some diagnostic work with a timing light to see when the cylinders are firing.  Your ECU is set up for V1 to 6 crank/cam sensors, not V7-9 sensors, so make sure you are not using a V7-9 engine.  I believe that V7 started in about 2000.  If you are completely stuck you may have to get your car to one of our dealers or a specialist for some help.

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