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Spark issue at high rpm 20psi rb25


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Hi what settings can i imput at high rpm betteeen 5 rpm to 7 rpm with 22 psi boost

we get a poping and a drop in revs when we use 20 psi.. It feels like the spark is dying 

.we have gapped the plugs to 5mm and still the same issue..we have  Splitfires and want to get to 400kw

what settings can we use to change the dwell time. 

And when at full rpm 7500rpm at 18 psi the car runs smoothly 

but it pops and flames come out as if the anti lag is on... 

I  also wanted to know if the anti lag can be used and set up 

this turbo can't spool up until it reaches 22 psi 

my engine is an rb25 stroker rb27 9.5.1 comp 

kelford cams 

gt35r / 1000cc single bosh 044 pump 45 psi pressure 

can i get a file from you guys at all regarding the anti lag and the dwell Time ?? 

Kindregards Milton Sydney 

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Good afternoon,

The dwell table can be found under ECU Settings > Ignition > >Dwell Control.

What is your injector duty cycle like when the popping and drop in revs happens? Also, how about your AFR?

One possibility is that you are hitting a limiter, If you open the runtime values window (F12 key) and look at the Triggers/Limits tab are any of the limits becoming active?


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