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Closed loop O2 - preferred sensor?

Matt Howe

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Hi I have an Impreza, ive just bought an LC1 and fitted it to the lower end of the down pipe. There is an existing narrow band at the top of the downpipe. I now have the option of running a true narrow band, simulated narrow band or wideband O2 sensor for closed loop idle and crusing. Which would be the preferred sensor and why? Thanks!

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Use your LC1 with linear output.  That will give you the option of logging AFR and controlling CLL at the same time.  Note that you will have to calibrate the LC1 from 5 to 0 volts.  Otherwise you can just run CLL off the narrow band and use the LC1 for AFR measurement.  Quite a few people have used the LC1 for CLL and had positive comments...  note that whatever sensor you use for CLL must be wired to AN Volt 1.

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