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Helping wiring in digital inputs


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i'm wiring two digital inputs into my expansion loom dI5 and 6.  DI5 will be a flex fuel sensor which will incorporate a 2k2 ohm pullup resistor to 5volts.

For DI6 i want to make a switch to activate logging but unsure how to go about it, I came across this illustration in the pclink help file which is pretty self explanatory.  What i dont understand is why it suggests a 14 volt pullup and not a 5 volt pullup like in the flex fuel example.  In any case what do you suggest for my switch and the appropriate resistor to use.  Also to activate datalogging on/off should i be using a momentary or toggle switch?




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The Di has an internal pull up so if you want to have a switch to ground just turn the internal pullup on. This internal pullup is too strong for use with the flex fuel sensor which is why an external one is required.

A toggle switch would be best for logging as then you will know when its on.

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Hey Levon

I have an r32 gtr, di 5 & 6 are in the expansion inputs on the nissan g4 boards.  Almost finished and ready to send off to the tuner gets a bit overwhelming when you try to rush everything, modifying the car yourself quickly stops being enjoyable and becoming a burden. But either way it has to be done, i've been putting it off for far too long.

Nice to see you got your car running well, i like the knock block setup you've included.  I may go down this path in future when funds permit.  I know i will miss being able to check my knock readings on the power fc, but armed with a wideband / ait / flex sensor / intrusive corrections i should have all areas of detonations covered :).


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