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cza porirua

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Chur fallas,

i have just aquired all i need to connect my PossumLink to my laptop...

i have the ECU, SeriaLink and the usb to serial converter....

i have follewed the instuctions on the site on the installation and i feel its hooked up correctly,

but my issue is the com port.....

in the pc link software in the options you can only select up to 8 com ports,

but when everything was installed on my laptop it said that it was installed into com15...

now when i try to select com15 its not on the list.....

so from here i just typed in COM15 in the tab clicked on ok saved and closed the program.

 i also set it up to auto-detect when started....

Then i rebooted the PC Link software and try to connect it saying make sure its connected (ECU) the power  is turned

on and the correct COM port is selected.....

The ECU was connected correctly and the power was on so im guessing the correct COM port was NOT selected,

so from there i went back to options and tried to connect through ALL avaliable COM option (COM1-COM8) and 

got the same result everytime so im guessing that either the drivers need to be installed in one of the COM1-COM8

COM ports ori have missed something alltogether........



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On the earlier products you do need to connect on Com port 1 to 8. You can change the port number in device manager. These instructions are for windows 7, but other versions of windows are similar.

1. Go into device manager, expand the ports section, and right click on the Link one, 

2. Select properties and go to the port settings tab.

3. Click advanced and then in the drop down com port menu select a com port between 1 and 8 that is free.

4. Click Ok and then OK.

This should now have your com port set to the correct range and PC Link should be able to find it.



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