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ttg4 link ecu for 1.8t

adam morrison

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i'm looking into buying the ttg4 ecu for my 1.8t but as its a new unit info seems to be pretty limited about this item

i'm looking to fit it to my 2004 leon cupra r 225bhp, this car came with a wideband lambda and egt sensor from factory and was wondering if this ecu supports these as most 1.8t's didnt come with egt or wideband.

also wondering if this ecu will effect the factory traction control or will it still function with this ecu fitted?

is there any sensors on the engine this ecu will make redundant? i.e knock sensors, air intake temp sensor?

basically i'm looking to find out what will work and what wont work from the original engine as this is a direct plug in ecu.

90% of 1.8t's are all the same but mine came with the egt sensor and wideband lambda.

engine is the 225bhp 1.8t bam engine code, this engine is also found in audi s3's and tt's

any help is greatful


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Hi Adam,

The Link TTG4 ECU is designed to work with the narrow band O2 sensors that come on most of the 1.8T's, however this narrowband signal gets connected to one of the ECU's Analog channels. What this means is that if the wideband signal comes in on the same pin that the narrowband does on the other 1.8T's, you could configure it for wideband instead of narrowband. There are two possible pins for this, pin 69, or pin 70. You can see the numbering of the ECU connector in the manual for the TTG4 here:


The EGT sensor is not supported unless it happens to put out a 0 to 5v analog signal and be on pin 111.

Traction control will not function, but with all the ECUs sold so far no errors or check lights have presented.

Knock control is a feature of the Vi-PEC brand model only. You can find more information about this model here http://www.vi-pec.com/ecus/pluginecu

The TTG4 has an internal MAP sensor, so the factory sensor is not utilised. The IAT sensor is still used.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask if you have more questions.



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