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Bad missing and dropping 4 cylinders


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Ive got a mercedes DOHC M119 5 litre V8 being run by a LinkPlus G1, Im having issues with really bad missing under all conditions, i.e both load and cruise and yeaterday while taking the car for a spin I started to drop 4 cylinders, F#CK!. The wires are arcing a little bit but always have, the coils are relatively new HEC 715's, I also have a new 4 channel igniter. I was playing around a few weeks ago with the dwell changing from 3.5 to 5ms as I found that the coil buildup was no where near saturation point, I didnt want to reach saturation because I dont need it to but I wanted to see if more juice would net me any results, didnt notice anything but since thn I started to have a little bit of a miss at around 4500-5000 RPM at speed, dwell has been put back to 3.5ms. I havent changed fuelling and spark or any other parameters, there is no water in the plug bores and the wire surpressors are OK. Have I stuffed the igniter eg. too much current or are the coils stuffed (checked resistance both are close to each other but I dont have the coil specs) Sorry for the rant but Im scratching my head here and will soon push the car off a cliff. Cheers for any help.

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Are you running 8 coils?

If so you will need two 4 channel igniters. If you pair the coils to the igniter output each coil only gets half the available current. Resulting in a very week spark.

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