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LinkPlus LPV10 Questions

Chase Otto

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Hey guys I've been googleing about the site picking up tidbits of info but I would still like to confirm a few things before committing to anything. I've got a Link plus from a friend he want me to pay for it of course but first I want to know that it will work for my application. Here are some pics of the chip and sub board plus the sticker on the side they are not the best I used a laptop cam http://i536.photobucket.com/albums/ff323/328FTW/Picture23.jpg http://i536.photobucket.com/albums/ff323/328FTW/Picture22.jpg http://i536.photobucket.com/albums/ff323/328FTW/Picture24.jpg http://i536.photobucket.com/albums/ff323/328FTW/Picture25.jpg I want to use it on a 3sge that I am turboing I can use the internal map no problem since I'm not going with a long shot of the 20+psi mark. I assume it will run this fine. The few questions I want to know are is it PC tunable? I have read the LPV10 is tunable using PClink 2.5 + a serial link but want to confirm that before I buy a serial-link for it. My laptop has a serial connection so would love to just plug and play. I would also down the track like to buy another breakout loom and wire it to a V6 3vzfe twin turbo, is this doable? As far as I read it should but with the earlier gen ecu's I know things get iffy with sub-boards and such. I would like to think it is a straight wire in but don't know. I would still have the 3sge + T so I would have to swap maps or whatever in between but if I have to get a sub board and things for it as well it is a lot of hassle I would rather just buy a later gen and a couple looms. Any help appreciated guys

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The unit is PC tunable with a serial link.

You will be in for a sub-board change. The catch is it is one of the ones we no longer have that you require.

We tend to get some back on occasion so if you are happy to wait I'm sure we can get it up and running for you.

However the 3vzfe would be better suited to the G4 range of ECU's

Looms for the G1 are currently still in stock so no problems there.



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