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1jz vvti triggering on 2jz vvti (with fuel)


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Hi again!

This is a real headcruncher for me. Found the 1jz vvti trigger setup on pclink, will this work for the 2jz? I think both have the 36-2 crank wheel, and 3 teeth cam sensor. Also what fuel injection should i use? Sequential or semi sequential?

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To refrase my question: How do i set up the triggers on a 2jz gte vvti? The 1jz and 2jz vvti has 36-2 crank wheel and 3 separate teeth on the cam. I heard some guys grinding down 2 of the 3 teeth on the cam to be able to sync the engine on 720 to run fully sequential. Is this what i need to do for  the link g4 Xtreme to?

How will this react when the vvti is triggered, and that tooth of course will move in relation to the crank wheel?

Another guy made his own cam trigger welding a tooth on the vvti cam gear, but there have to be a better solution!?

Or are you vvti guys running without 720 degree sync signal fom the cam, with wasted spark/batch (semi-sequential) injection? 2 groups of injectors if that is the case? Or 3? And in what sequence? And how is this set up in Pclink?

A lot of questions, but i hope for some response :)

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