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changed my starter motor during the week on my rb30det and went to start it up and it cranks over but the ecu does not operate. no fuel pump noises so i put the lap top on it and it came up with ecu is in save mode install firmware so i done that and half way through installing the firmware it said cycle ecu power ignition off/on so i turned key on and off and it keeps saying cycle ecu power ignition off/on after a few tryes i closed the program and now the lap top will not connect to the ecu at all, it just flickers between searching and ecu not connected. and i have to close the link program through the task mannager as it doesnt respond. any help to get my beast running again please. Has link plus g2 and has already been tuned on dyno machine

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Form the sounds of it your ECU has a back feeding issue. This will keep the ECU powered all the time hence whey you turned the key off the message kept coming up.

I would suggest running the firmware update again and if the same thing happens then disconnect the battery to kill the power and then re connect.

Also make sure you are only upgrading to latest G3 firmware not G4 as this will not work.


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