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Logging setup for ECU logging


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Does a G4+ ecu need to be connected in order to configure the ECU logging selections in PC Link?


I have been evaluating the G4+ software as a potential candidate for a Turbocharged motorcycle for drag racing. When I attempt to add a parameter to log in teh ECU based configuration, an error message states the number of channels has been exceeded.



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Hi John,

Yes, that is correct, an ECU needs to be connected to configure the on-board logging. 

The reason for this is that a G4+ ECU can have different amounts of on board logging channels. For example, the G4+ Xtreme as it ships comes with 15 channels, but you can perform a feature unlock and have 25 channels.

Without being connected to the ECU PCLink does not know how many channels the ECU is capable of.

Without having an ECU connected you can still see all the possible parameters and statuses that can be logged. If there is something particular you want to know let us know.


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I can probably find you something when I’m back at work in about a week. Overseas on holiday at present.  There are a couple of example log files installed when you install PC Link but they are many years old (from G4 days from memory) so they probably aren’t great examples of what is possible today.

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