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Link G3 SR20 Urgent help needed

Rowan Clark

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Hi, so I have just purchased a secondhand (but never used) link g3 with short type sr20 64 pin s13/15/s14a adapterlink. I have just fitted this to my car and straight away i notice my fuel pump relay isnt triggering. I understand that the S15 ecu header plug is the same but some pins are swapped around, I have got both s15 and s13 pinout diagrams and have identified the differences, however i would just like to confirm that this is the issue...So before I start cutting wires:

1. Was the adapterlink sold in any specific configuration?

2. How do I identify which configuration my adapter is for?

3. Im assuming my link will have a base tune for sr20, how do I find this out?

4. How do I know what map sensor I have? What did they come with as new?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have booked in for a tune in 2 days and am running out of time to get this thing running!


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