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Problem with MAP sensor

Jim Papageorgiou

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Hi Jim.

Is it reading 100 odd KPA at rest... ie. making sense there?  Does the MAP reading move at all when trying to operate the engine.  What is the lowest vacuum it is seeing?  Press the F12 key and see the figures exactly under the Analogue tab/Analogue data.  You can also see the voltages in the other window on the same tab.


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There is a verification test you can try, tho there may not be a problem here..


Disconnect the vacuum hose from the ECU, and while the engine is running, and viewing the laptop, put finger on end of vacuum hose, see if your finger sticks there (verifies there is vacuum at ECU end.


another thing to try, place a separate hose on the ECU (can be done with engine stopped, but ECU powered on) and suck the other end of that hose and notice the results (best done with new hose, 1/. it should be clear inside & 2/. no taste of oils/dirt on end of tube that you put near mouth

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Here's some data to add to the list that may help. 

1.  Internal MAP sits on AN Volt 5.

2.  2 MAP 'functions' cannot exist on the same tuning map.  If you want to run 2 MAP sensors on the same tuned map, one of them will have to be tagged as either a 'Voltage 0-5v' input, or GP Input with a CAL, not MAP as the ECU will not know what 'MAP' tag to use. 

3.  Key on, engine off the internal MAP sensor should read approximately 1.8v.

4.  As rod says, suck on a hose attached to the internal sensor (preferably with a mighty vac or similar tool), and just see if it at least registers (taking in to consideration 1. & 2.)

5.  For me, please do number 4. if possible, and pump up as well as vac and get back to me with the results.  I want to see if the internal one is making sence.  Does it have a GOOD span from 0-5v?

TIP: Using F12 and going to Analogue/Analogue data... Will show you the voltage instead of the Kpa on AN Volt 5 for the internal map.


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