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Staging Injectors

Norm Sash

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In this engine setup I have two cylinders with three injectors per cylinder. I want to be able to stage each of the injectors per cylinder. i.e. At low load I want only injector 1/cyl to fire. At medium load I need injector 1/cyl and 2/cyl to fire. And at high load I need all three injectors per cylinder (1/cyl, 2/cyl, and 3/cyl) to fire. Is there a way to accomplish this using either sequential or staged setup on the ECU?

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There is no easy way to do this.  I would suggest running two sets of injectors and staging them that way.  The only way to run three sets of injectors with our ECU's would be to use a switchable output to enable the last set of injectors when you get to a certain load point.   The most important thing with staged injection is the transition between injectors.  The ECU includes staged injection software to transition between two sets of injectors... Download PCLink and read the help files to see what you can do...

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