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Boost Control has stopped working


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Hi there,

First of all, a bit of background:

Engine is a 4age 16v with t25g turbo, running factory 7psi internal wastegate, Link G3 ecu and Link Electronic Boost Control Solenoid setup with a dual boost table and an incabin DI switch to go between low/high boost (low boost = 7psi, high boost = 12psi)

It has been running perfectly fine for about 8 months since it was tuned.  Now on the weekend I gave it a bit of crap and started missing and felt gutless higher in the revs.  Had a look at the boost gauge and it was pulling 20psi - probably higher, but thats where the gauge stops!


Low boost still works perfectly fine.  All vacuum lines are fine, secured properly with no leaks or holes.  I can hear the Boost Control Solenoid clicking when it is switched on so wiring/connections aren't stuffed - still seems to be working.  It just doesn't control the boost anymore.


Is it common for these solenoids to crap out??  Is there anything else I should check?  I've checked the tune/duty cycle etc incase any of the settings have changed by themselves, but its all as it was when it came off the dyno.  Pretty keen to get this sorted as I've got a few meetings coming up I'd like to attend :)


Thanks in advance.




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