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subaru ej25 dual exhaust dual o2 narrow band rich and lean condition

chris briggs

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I have a subaru ej25 with dual exhaust an o2 narrow band on each exhaust header. It was tuned with one wideband sensor on the left exhaust side that was temporarily replaced during tuning, but it now has both narrow band on each. I am getting an uneven idle and a rich condition on the other exhaust side. How do i let the two o2sensors control their own sides of the engine. so that they both can be "self-tuned" by the o2 sensors on each exhaust header. I see the wide band selection but i dont see a narrow band selection so to make this possible. Basically one exhaust pipe is black and sooty and the other is not (leaner). I have the stoich selection selected, but how does the computer know which o2 sensor is which?? thanks.Any help is appreciated.

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If you have one side of the engine rich, and the other lean then there is probably  a mechanical reason.  Maybe uneven injector flows.  There is no way to have the ECU tune each side of the engine separately.   If you are using a plug in G3  or LinkPlus  G3 then you have the ability to apply individual cylinder trimming, but to do that you really need a pyro in each cylinders exhaust. 

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