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Too rich on cold start up.


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Recently had my Mazda BPT dyno tuned but they didnt adjust the cold start on the car and it runs too rich from cold where it actually makes the car pulse likely a rotary on idle when first started and stinks of fuel, but once car is warmed up it runs mint...

What should I be setting the crank enrichment, post start enrichment and warm up enrichment to? I've checked the standard "LEM_G3_SAMPLE.pcl" and it's got the same tables that map uses for the crank enrichment, post start up enrichment and warm up enrichment has. 

Any help would be good, the car just runs too rich on cold start and can't be good for the engine for every day driving...

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Just reduce engine coolant temp related fuel compensations as required.


there is no right or wrong. If you reduce them too far, it wont start or run properly when cold. So just increase again slightly.


There is no correct AFR etc, every engine will be different

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