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Tuning cable extension?

Matt Dunn

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Not sure if you already do one or not but here is a suggestion.

Most of the cars I work on have the ECU tucked away under the dash or the tuning port is a pain to get to,

and I dont like leaving race cars with cables floating around in them,

so what I would like is a cable that connect to the tuning port and on the other end is the same connector but with a panel mount connector on it.

That way when we need to download data we can still use the standard tuning cable,

but instead of having to plug it in under the dash, it can be connected to a plug mounted into the dash.

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Yeah that would do the job probably,

But i was thinking of one that has the Link round plug on it  so the std tuning cable can still be used,

as I download from a few cars and would be good to still have the same cable from all.

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