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Expansion connector wires

Brian M

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Hi Brian.

Small amount of lacking info... What plug in are we talking here?  It will be different across a lot of them.  Some have more DI's than AUX's and others vise versa.  It depends on the car the plug in was designed for.  If that OEM car demanded not too many AN Volts on the main plug, and loads of DI's, then it's likely the left over we have to put toward the XS loom would be more AN volts in a way.  Not quite that simple, but just to give you an idea. 

If it has not been lablelled on the bottom board of the unit, it's most likely it does not exist (pin/wire not used) as it was used in the main header.  The understanding you must have is there are only so many AN volt and DI channels available.  If you tell me what plug in you are using, I can give you a definitive pin out of the XSL for that plug in...


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