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RX7 With g4 xtreme keeps dying/stalling

Brad Hansen

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hey guys, got my fd rx7 with a wire-in link g4 xtreme that keeps dying a while after it starts.  now i have monitored the runtime values screen while its running and the logging parameters to check that it is nothing to do with any warmup enrichment etc.  i will attach the pcl file as well as three logs, two of which are just idling/revving while standing still, the other is just a quick putt up the street and back (with the engine dying in  the middle, of course).





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yeah simon, starts fine straight away afterwards, not like its fouling plugs or anything.  what we thought of trying was changing the map axis from MAP vs RPM to TPS vs RPM just to see whether it changes the fact that it keeps stalling, hoping to get a chance to do this tomorrow afternoon.  i will post a log of this tomorrow.  also i hope to test the vac side of the MAP sensor to get the actual figures instead of using the extrapolation feature to guestimate them, i will try this before i change the map axes to see if it remedies my issues as it may be putting out incorrect voltage that is jumping between cells rapidly when it shouldnt as it might be slightly out of cal (hope this makes sense?).  stay tuned for an update tomorrow hopefully.


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