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How Much Amperage Can a WRX Fuel Pump Controller Handle?

Josh Burt

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I just installed an Aeromotive 340lph pump in my vehicle. It is overpowering my fpr so I'm looking into picking up a pwm fuel pump controller. I see the Link software supports the WRX controller which has 3 speeds which should work out real nice for me. I am just worried about the controller being able to handle the increased amperage of this pump.

Any thoughts?



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Good question. But I think the OEM controller is just a basic hi/lo ?


There are plenty of PWM controllers out there that could be used to control a pump. But most seem to be resistance based for their output.

Dont know of any that allow a full PWM output from a PWM input....which would be perfect.


Might just be easier to fit an aftermarket FPR ?

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