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link ecu info please


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Hi there, I have browsed alot in this site for some info on a link ecu,

the main chip has wrxroadr , 775, 020804 

& there is a sticker on it with - S/N 0007325 JUL/04

just wondering what the wrx road r is too & if you have any more info on this.

thank you  :)

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I have added a hand controller & i was going to change the master fuel to allow for the larger injectors,  also to allow the car to be moved checked & finished off ready for a tune,

discovered that the ecu has been locked previously & shows CODE #=252  Access Denied, 

i would like to unlock or even re-set ecu, is there any way to do this via the hand controller, 

I have had a search & tried #255, maybe i'm not doing the 'store'  quite right? as once code number chosen with the adjust buttons i then use the  up ^ select   to get Access Denied,

any help would be appreciated thank you

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Hi Cory.

You're right on the money buddy!  Just keep ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^ until you see the "STORE", then HOLD the up AND down on the very left of the remote to activate the store.  You should see a bunch of asterix come up when it happens.  Let the screen come right after that, key off and back on and you should be in. 

PS.  The code you are using is correct.


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