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G4 Storm USB Pinout


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  • 6 months later...

OK. I know it was way back in July 2012 when you needed this but should anyone else need it here it is.

The USB is digitally isolated with a ADuM1201ARZ But has a USB bridge CP2102 before entering this IC I could go one for hours but the design but if it's a pinout you want.

For the PCB header:

     Pin 1 USB GND

    Pin 2 USB D-

    Pin 3 USB D+

    Pin 5 USB VCC (+5V power must be connected)

It appears that Pin 4 doesn't doing anything (future options maybe) and as all the requirements for USB are found I care not look into it.

So therefore on the LTW 6 pin Mini panel connector (Which appears to be LTWAU-06PMMS-LC7001) the pinouts are:

Pin *1 USB VCC

Pin *2 USB D-

Pin *3 USB D+

Pin *4 Not Connected

Pin *5 USB GND

Pin *6 Pin 4 on header mystery pin

*Pin assignments for the LTW connector I have have given as looking at the male pinned connector (on the panel) starting clockwise from the keyway is pins 1 to 5 and pin 6 being the middle.  I could not find anything on LTW pin definitions for this connector without signing up on their site yet again.

Tried and Tested!!!


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